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Grydale JMS-30-MDT Mobile Dust Collector

JMS-30-MDT – Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector

Grydale Europe. Short + Medium + Long Term Dust Collection Solutions.

We are building a fleet of Grydale JMS M-Series range of patented mobile dust collectors so they are available to hire across Europe. We currently have a JMS-30-MDT (Diesel, Track) and JMS-10-MES (Electric, Skid) unit available to hire in the UK and we have more units currently in production arriving in the UK soon.

The team at Grydale Europe have been given full training by the Original Equipment Manufacturer to give you the peace of mind that units have been fully serviced and maintained by the team who know our products best!

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The Grydale JMS M-Series of Dust Collectors are developing a reputation for being the most efficient dust collection units in the world. Transforming traditional approaches to dust extraction by providing collection at source. and also providing an effective general ventilation solution.

Industries such as Tunnelling, Excavation Works such as Trenching, Mining, Quarrying, Abrasive Blasting, Civil Construction and Bulk Storage Handling are all putting the JMS M-Series to use managing dust, fume and ventilation issues.

Grydale Europe focuses on adding value through a total service offering, supported by the Grydale engineering team to ensure the right solution is provided to meet workplace health and safety regulations and application needs.

Key Features of Grydale JMS M-Series Mobile Dust Collectors

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How do Grydale Mobile Dust Collectors Work?

Illustration shows JMS-50-MHT – Mobile Hybrid Dust Collector 

  1. Air is pulled through the dirty air intake by the Centrifugal Fan

  2. Larger dust particles drop through the DropOut Box and separated from the air stream.

  3. Dust and fumes are trapped on the filters forming a cake on the surface as air passes through the filter house.

  4. Reverse pulse filter cleaning system cleans the filters.

  5. Dust particles are discharged from the machine via the augers and rotary valves.

  6. The velocity probe monitors air speed and the turns the centrifugal fan up / down to maintain air volume.

  7. Clean air exhausts from the machine with a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at 0.067 micron.

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