Dust Control in Tunnelling

Dust Control Saves Lives

Health & Safety Regulations

Dust control regulations for the tunnelling industry are becoming increasingly stringent due to the rising number of silicosis cases being reported across the globe.

Silicosis is an incurable lung disease caused by exposure to harmful silica dust which is found in almost every type of natural rock, sand, clay and gravel.  When silica dust becomes airborne it can be inhaled causing serious disease along with other workplace safety risks such as; slips and falls in areas of poor visibility.  Dust can also affect the operation of machinery by settling on engine components increasing wear and causing unscheduled and costly maintenance shutdowns.

Far-reaching Effects

Airborne dust particles also contaminate our sensitive ecosystems, in particular our rivers, dams and waterways negatively impacting on water quality, reducing crops in agriculture by burying seeds, causing loss of plant tissue, reducing photosynthetic activity and increasing soil erosion, and if that isn’t enough it can also play a role in the transmission of diseases.

Reducing your Risk

Dust is created in many areas of construction, mining, tunnelling, abrasive blasting, bulk storage, demolition and excavation which cannot be prevented, however with the correct dust control and ventilation design it can be extracted at source eliminating the risk to workers health and preventing serious injury from reduced visibility on work sites.

Dust Control Solutions

Our expert team can work with you to design, manufacture and install the dust control and ventilation system most suitable to your needs and ensure compliance with the latest government regulations.

Air volumes range from 6m³/s (12,000CFM) to 60m³/s (125,000cfm).

Power Options Diesel, Electric Hybrid

Mobility Options Drag Skid, Hydraulic Stepping Systems, Castor Wheel and Track Mounted

Emergency Stop

Why Grydale? Experts in Dust Control

Our team has over 20 years experience designing dust control solutions for the tunnelling industry and are able to advise on which units would be most suitable for your application and site conditions. Our onsite team will help you determine the optimum set up of equipment to ensure dust and fumes are managed effectively.

Grydale design and manufacture a complete range of internationally patented, mobile industrial dust collection equipment. The JMS M-Series is an extensive range of mobile dust collectors with air volumes from 6m3/s (12,000 CFM) to 60m3/s (125,000 CFM).  These units are available for short, medium and long-term rental or purchase.

    • Rental units offers an effective dust control and ventilation solution for temporary works, to keep plants operational when fixed dust collection equipment is undergoing maintenance works (or while awaiting fixed plant equipment).
    • Grydale currently have one of the largest rental fleets of mobile dust collectors in the country.
    • Our onsite service and support team provide full operator familiarisation training to allow you to run units on site effectively.
    • Dry and Wet hire arrangements available.
    • We undertake scheduled and preventative servicing and maintenance of our equipment to ensure units arrive on site ready for work. This gives you the peace of mind that units have been fully serviced and maintained by the team who know our products best.

Mobile Dust Collectors Designed for Cross Passage Tunnel Construction

Grydale Dust Collectors can be custom designed to meet your specific air volume and site requirements, here are a few examples of various sizes, power and mobility options.

JMS-6-MEC: 6m³/s (12,000 CFM)

The JMS-6-MEC (Mobile, Electric, Castor Wheel) is a complete dust collection system mounted on a compact, castor wheel base. It features a 45kW centrifugal exhaust fan to create 6m³/s @-2.5kPa. Designed to be easily repositioned in areas with limited space such as cross passage tunnel construction.  This ability to quickly and easily relocate the unit reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Air Intakes: 1x 600mm

Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.67 micron

Dust Discharge: Main Screw Conveyor Auger

Real Time Emission Monitoring

PLC and CANbus System

Incline Auger

JMS 10 M-Series. Overview.

Air Volume: 10m3/s / (20,000CFM)

Air Intakes: 1x 810mm plus 3 x  508mm

Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.67 micronCentrifugal Fan: 75kW @ -3kPa

Dust Discharge: Hydraulic Reversible Auger and Rotary Valve

Real Time Emission Monitoring

PLC and CANbus System

Emergency Stop JMS 10 MES

JMS 20 M-Series Overview

Air Volume: 20m³/s (40,000CFM)

 Air Intakes: Single: 1 x 1118mm or Dual 508mm

Filter Surface Area: 672m²

Centrifugal Fan: 90kW@ -3kPa

Dust Discharge: Hydraulic Reversible Auger and Rotary Valve

Real Time Emission Monitoring

PLC and CANbus System

Reverse Pulse Cleaning System JMS 10 MES

JMS 30 M-Series. Overview.

Air Volume: 30m3/s 60,000CFM

Air Intakes: Single 1372mm plus 4 x 508mm

Filter Surface Area: 896m2

Centrifugal Fan: 110kW @ -3kPa

Dust Discharge: Hydraulic Reversible Auger and Rotary Valve

Real Time Emission Monitoring

PLC and CANbus System

JMS 60 M-Series. Overview.

Air Volume: 60m3/s (125,000CFM)

Air Intakes: Single 1800mm plus Optional 7 x 508mm

Filter Surface Area: 2352m2

Centrifugal Fan: 315kW  @ -3.5kPa or 450kW @ 5kPa

Dust Discharge: 2 x Hydraulic Reversible Augers and Rotary Valves

Real Time Emission Monitoring

PLC and CANbus System

Demonstrations Available

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