Grydale Ventilation Design Services

Grydale have extensive experience in tunnel ventilation design. Our engineering team are able to prepare a comprehensive design to control air quality in accordance with regulations and site requirements.

Air flow, control of dust and diesel particulates contamination, power consumption and noise abatement are all key areas that are taken into consideration along with being able to make recommendations for in-tunnel environmental monitoring systems.

For tunnel construction projects, our approach to the design of ventilation plans is to work with project teams to:

  • Prepare a high-level comparison of ventilation options, providing advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  • Recommend and present the most favourable ventilation option.
  • Collect data to prepare a systems level specification and concept design.
  • Undertake detailed design for each phase of construction, prepare and present a design documentation pack, including sub plans for TBM breakthrough, each station / portal, station interconnections, excavation shafts, cross passages and M&E fit outs. The design outlines the specification of equipment required, how the equipment is to be used and the ventilation requirements to manage site contaminants.
  • Provide project management and engineering support and updated plans if site conditions or requirements change during construction.

Ventilation Design Tools

We use a range of numerical simulation tools to prepare the design, including:

  • VentsimTM DESIGN 5 for ventilation design and simulation.
  • Autodesk CFD for three-dimensional ventilation design and simulation.
  • Autodesk Inventor for mechanical/structural design, if required.
  • Verification by model review, structural simulation, or hand calculations as appropriate.