Sydney Metro-Central Walk


Central Walk is a new 19m wide underground pedestrian concourse at Central Station that will connect passengers to trains, light rail, and new Sydney Metro underground platforms. Direct access to existing and new platforms will be through an extensive escalator system. The development of Central Station and the landmark Central Walk were awarded to international contractor Laing O’Rourke who proposed an innovative design with numerous benefits, including satisfying a key requirement that construction works needed to take place while keeping the existing station and train services operational.

City Rail Link Project


City Rail Link (CRL) is Auckland’s first underground rail line and the largest transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in New Zealand. Ventilation and dust control are needed to keep workers’ exposure to fumes and dust at safe, acceptable levels. Grydale provided ventilation design consulting to develop an extract ventilation system for the excavation of K-Road Station

Coastal Powder Coating


Sandblasting generates large volumes of dust that can be toxic and small enough to be inhaled into lungs and thus can be hazardous to workers. Coastal Powdercoating decided to invest in a facilities upgrade programme to expand their operations. A core part of the programme was a larger blast room to enable larger powder coating projects to be undertaken more efficiently in-house, without affecting the quality of the end product.

Ventilation Design Systems in Tunnelling


A critical aspect of any tunnel construction is ventilation design and dust control, so that workers exposure to fumes and dust are reduced to safe, acceptable levels. New health and safety regulations specifically relating to the control of respirable crystalline silica (RCS), have been introduced to bring it into line with asbestos.

Dust Control on Metro Tunnel Project


The Metro Tunnel provided some unique challenges for the ventilation design, including space and noise constraints plus the location on excavation works within the CBD. The design was created using Ventsim Design 5 to simulate ventilation, airflows, pressures, heat, gases, radon, fire and other key ventilation data to be considered, along with managing the financial constraints of the project.

Greenbank Sewer Rising Main Project


The Greenbank Sewer Rising Main project was undertaken by Diona in November 2019, for the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance and involved the installation of 5.6 kilometres of sewer rising main pipeline. They hired a JMS-20-MDT (Diesel, Track) dust collector from Grydale Rental to manage the silica dust created as a result of trenching through sandstone.

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