Coastal Powder Coating


Sandblasting generates large volumes of dust that can be toxic and small enough to be inhaled into lungs and thus can be hazardous to workers. Coastal Powdercoating decided to invest in a facilities upgrade programme to expand their operations. A core part of the programme was a larger blast room to enable larger powder coating projects to be undertaken more efficiently in-house, without affecting the quality of the end product.

Bulk Storage Shed Loading Facility


Our client has two 8000m2 sheds that store zinc and copper concentrate before being distributed to customers across the globe. Zinc and Copper dust needed to be fully contained within each shed to protect against spillage, avoid cross contamination and ensure environmental security. Grydale were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a JMS 48 F-Series Dust Collection System for each storage shed (zinc and copper) to manage dust created through loading and unloading product.

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